Summer is upon us and it’s a great time to celebrate the season with family and friends. A summer party is a perfect way to chill out in the sunshine, and you can create a relaxed and fun occasion with just a little forward planning.

Here at BCH, we love parties of all kinds! We can help out with all the little details, no matter what you are planning for your special event. We’ve been thinking about how to create a summer party to remember, and we’d love to hear your ideas too.create

Your guide to planning a Summer Party

Long summer days are best spent in company with your family and friends, and a summer party combines this with great food and drink, and memory-making. Whether you’re planning a big event or a spontaneous gathering, you can create something super special when you follow our simple guide:

  • Focus on food.

    Everyone loves great food, but you don’t want to spend the whole party in the kitchen or stuck at the barbecue, so it’s a good idea to keep it simple. Plan a main dish or two that will appeal to everyone and ensure that you’ve thought about any guests with specific dietary needs. A centrepiece like a roast chicken or fish that can form the basis of your meal is often the simplest solution, and then you can prepare a range of salads and accompaniments in advance to create an impressive spread. Decide early on whether you are planning a sit-down meal or a finger buffet, and ask each guest to bring a dish for a really simple and collaborative feast. Don’t leave food sitting out in the sun and remember to ensure there is enough space in the fridge to keep food cool until it is needed.

  • Try out new drink ideas.

    Summer parties are all about fun, and introducing some new drink ideas is a great way to add to the celebration. You’ll need plenty of water and soft drinks on hand, especially if the weather is hot, but you can also create a range of cocktails or a signature fruit punch to get everyone in the mood. Our top tip is to create a drinks table or area where you can gather all of the ingredients for special drinks together, including alcohol, mixers, fruit and herb garnishes, plenty of ice, glasses and stirring sticks or spoons, so that your guests can help themselves throughout the party and you won’t be stuck on bar duty all day.

  • Have a bad weather plan.

    Here in Ireland, the weather can catch us out even in the middle of the summer, so it’s always worth having a back-up plan to ensure that rain doesn’t spoil your special day. If you don’t have space to accommodate your guests indoors, consider putting up a gazebo in the garden to create a cover so that you can all enjoy the day without worrying about clouds gathering.

  • Don’t feel that you have to do everything yourself.

    This will make you end up feeling like the waitress rather than being able to relax and enjoy the party along with your guests. Appoint a member of your family to take charge of drinks, for example, and make them responsible for overseeing the bar – teenagers will often love this duty, but may need supervision! Ask a friend or family member to create a playlist for the party so that you don’t need to think about music, or ask musical friends to bring along their instruments to contribute to the atmosphere. Ask your friends to get involved with the cooking if you are having a bbq, and don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring along their own chairs, cushions or crockery – this will ensure that everyone feels involved as well as making sure there is enough to go around.

  • Keep it simple.

    Your loved ones will be delighted to receive a party invite, but don’t forget that this is because they want to spend time with you. Don’t let your plans become stressful and consuming, because this will take all of the joy out of the occasion, so keep coming back to fun and simplicity as your main principles for the day. Good food, delicious drinks and some music will be all you need to create special memories – and don’t forget to take some photos to relive the fun later!

Plan a Party with BCH

At BCH, it’s always party time. Whether you’re celebrating the summer, a special birthday or a wedding day, you can make it extra special when you let us take care of the tableware, decor and anything else you need. Enjoy planning your next occasion and let us know how we can help you to create the party of the year!